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The Best Blog Posts of 2018

Every year, I find myself doing something exciting, something that resonates deep within me and captivates my thoughts and energy. This year was no different. This was the year that I dove farther into the media world, blending my interests in media processing research and educational media (especially as it impacts those with communication impairments). This was the year that I earned a Master's Degree in Media and Communication. This was the year that I published my first journal article. And this was the year I started sharing some of these interesting ideas and media finds with you - parents, educators, clinicians, caretakers,

speech-language pathologists, and more!

Thank you for joining me on the journey!

Before jumping into 2019, take a look at the top

App-along posts from 2018...

#10: Yesterday's Media, Today's Technology

While yesterday’s media and technology may appear to be lost to the past, today’s technology breathes live into these devices. At the World War II Museum, an army of newspapers, telegrams, radios, scratchy audio recordings, black-and-white film recordings, vehicles, locomotives, submarines, machinist tools, levers and knobs all come to life, charged with the task of sharing yesterday’s history with future generations.

#9: Virtual Field Trips: Webcams & Videos

Virtual field trips provide us with opportunities to experience new things beyond the scope of our daily reality. According to Wikipedia, virtual field trips are learning experiences in which students use digital media to transcend time and space in order to learn new information. Instead of climbing onto a school bus to visit a nearby farm, students, for example, can go online to see how farmers around the globe irrigate crops. Such opportunities can help students connect knowledge learned in a book or classroom with real-world experiences that sometimes are beyond their reach.

#8: Picture Perfect Parent Communication

By transforming home communication from a passive to active educational experience, students become meaningfully engaged - a critical ingredient in the learning process.

#7: Vocab-u-walk in the Woods

Summer is a time for adventures. Whether they are big or small, adventures transform our daily life as we step away from the ordinary into the unknown. It is in these moments that we open our eyes to new things and ways of looking at the world around us. Our travels spark our curiosity and a natural need to learn new things (including new vocabulary and language skills). Kids love seeing the world through the lens of a camera, so grab your camera or smartphone and head to the woods (or the park, the zoo, the museum, or wherever you are heading today).

#6: Oh, the Many Things a Word Cloud Could Be...

Whether you're in a classroom, speech therapy room, or at

home, adults are always looking for engaging ways for students to show us what they know. If you're one of those adults, then a good ole' fashioned word cloud might be just what you need. This technology favorite not only provides an easy and efficient means to create eye-catching student work, but like the clouds floating by above our heads, the possibilities are endless.

#5: Merry Christmas Media to You and Yours

The more I learn about media effects and processing, the more I find myself thinking about older, more traditional media. Have you noticed that at Christmastime, holiday classics fill our days - songs, movies, television shows, books, poems, and more? Why in an age of new media are we drawn to traditional media during the holidays? One reason might be the ways in which we process media content - both in how we think and feel about it.

#4: Have You Heard?

May is Better Hearing and Speech Month

Communication is a foundational requirement of almost every activity within our daily life – from texting friends, leisure reading, watching a favorite show, or even finding a quiet spot to reflect on your day. Like the broad and diverse nature of communication, so too are the roles and professional responsibilities of SLPs. Who are SLPs and what do they do?

#3: Apps That Support Communication Development by Empowering Parents

There’s a lot of discussion how technology and apps can disrupt quality interactions, possibly interfering with the acquisition of developmental milestones. But what about apps that help parents facilitate quality interactions needed to develop childhood milestones? Two new apps provide parents and professionals with important developmental information and models to accomplish just that.

#2: BHSM: Ready to Use Resources for Parents, Educators, Professionals, & SLPs

The following on-line resources provide parents, caregivers, family members, teachers, educators, speech-language pathologists, and others with information on communication development, communication health, and

symptoms associated with communication disorders.

So, check out these user-friendly resources!!

and the most popular post of the year...

#1: Wordless Digital Media: Videos & Apps

It's easy to feel that the struggle between people and media regularly ends with technology declaring a victory, imprisoning everyone involved. What about wordless media?

Why not? Wordless picture books offer limitless opportunities for readers to engage in the story on their own terms, at their own level. Illustrations may provide a guide, but the story and the language used to tell it, are in the eye of the storyteller. Likewise, wordless digital media may be an ideal addition to your own and the most popular post of the year... app toolbox.

Happy New Year and Thanks for following along!

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