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Get Your ASHA On

The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) kicks off its 2018 Convention in Boston this week, with more than 18,000 SLPs and Audiologists in attendance. As we jump into this year's convention, I offer a little reminder of what it's all about, from the 2013 convention in Chicago.

ASHA Convention is a melting pot, in which professionals from across the country and world come together to share research and ideas, to not only better our profession, but the individuals whom we serve.

Whether attendees are new to the profession or seasoned veterans, researchers or clinical practitioners, everyone who attends is welcomed. Regardless of our areas of specialty, interest, or expertise, we all have things to contribute and to learn as our profession heads into the future.

It's easy for so many things to intrude upon our time at convention - time and financial constraints, professional doubt, travel fatigue, etc. Whatever these intrusions may be, remember that you not only belong here, but you are encouraged to contribute to the success of this annual gathering.

As an attendee, what we get out of this conference is a measure of what we put into it. The short time you have here is strengthen your area of expertise; to broaden your professional knowledge; to renew old professional collaborations while making new ones; and to acknowledge the contributions of the past as we, together as a profession, carve a new path forward.

Thanks for the reminder ASHA!

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