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October App-along

As a speech-language pathologist, content selection is a key element in clinical practice. Content is selected for a variety of reasons, such as student interest; specific speech and language models contained within it; and opportunities for communicative involvement. Whether it's a traditional activity or a digital one, such factors are always considerations.

When selecting digital content, it's important to consider (1) how specific content helps address an individual's needs and goals (an idea known as feature matching) and (2) the influence media content has on the interactive nature of the experience. Traditionally, we've put these ideas together around storybook reading. So, what does that look like in terms of children's media? How about an app-along with some October fun?

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*The author is not responsible for the purchase, content, updates, and continued availability of the apps listed. All apps were available at the time of publication. The author is not affiliated with or endorses listed products.

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