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Summer Sabbatical

Whether you’re a parent, teacher, SLP, or student, summer's a time for fun, relaxation, vacationing, and much more! In that spirit, without even intending to, I took a small summer sabbatical from blogging…but I’m back with a head full of ideas to share!

First this happened…I graduated with a second Master’s degree, this one in Mass Communication. It was never my intention to return to graduate school or dive into anything outside of the field of Speech-language Pathology. But I’ve had a blast learning how we, as media users, select, receive, interpret, and respond to media content. There’s so much to consider when using media with children and students, whether that's as an SLP, a teacher, or as a parent or caregiver.

I also enjoyed a few days on the California coast relaxing, connecting with old friends, and learning and sharing with a talented group of media designers and researchers. As an SLP, I’m always excited to share about the world of communication sciences and disorders (and this was no exception)! We talked about the importance of building communicative interactions around media content, tips for designing media to promote communication development and health, and how designing media content for individuals with special needs benefits all users.

I also loved having an opportunity to see what’s being produced, media-wise, from passionate developers who not only are grounded in child development but who truly have the interests of young users and their parents at heart!

This summer has been busy diving into both my first official PhD class in the field of Media and Communication and teaching an undergraduate media theory course as a part-time graduate instructor. It’s been a TON of work, but fun to learn new things that contribute to my research interests!

You’ve probably noticed that summer has FLOWN by! While nothing can slow

summer down, I hope you’re enjoying the season (whether that’s on a grand adventure or exploring your own backyard). Last month, I found this little creature in my backyard. He’s a horned toad. Growing up I had heard about these creatures but never saw one, until now.

What are you doing this summer?

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