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Beware of Bears

A giant, blue bear lurks outside of the Colorado Convention Center. He peers into the three-story windows eyeing visitors as they scurry about. The multi-dimensional bear is a piece of public of art titled, “I See What You Mean” by Lawrence Argent.

The artist describes his creation here, explaining that the convention center represents a place to “exchange ideas and transfer information.” As a Denver resident he often relates to the bear.

“I’m always interested in what might be going on in there, the exchange of information ideas and ideologies, but there’s never really any indication from the outside what’s going on inside.”

I don’t know about you, but when bears are playing a safe distance away, grab a camera and enjoy.

That’s exactly what this interactive hotspot on the sidewalk offers. The polaroid camera and QR code was a creative source of conversation and engagement for our little group.

Peer through the camera and you’ll be surprised to find bear cubs having fun out on the street (and a perfect opportunity to pose with friends and bears).

Access the QR code to find about more bears.

There are interactive overlays all along 14th street for visitors to enjoy, detailing the people, history, and culture of Denver.

Source: Public Art Program 2013, City and County of Denver, Denver

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