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The Technology Ecosystem, Part 3

Now that we’ve figured out what a technological ecosystem looks like and how such an ecological system cultivates and shapes technology use,

there’s one last piece to the puzzle missing.

Who are the key players and professionals

participating within the technological ecosystem?

Technology use is bigger than one individual. We are all key players in shaping technology use, within our families, our jobs, our communities, and within broader society.

We all share a role and play a part in how technology is used. Technology itself doesn’t control us. We all make decisions, big and small, about what types of technology we allow into our lives, how we interact with media content, and how we interact with other individuals through technology use.

Who are these technological stakeholders? While not a comprehensive list,

these individuals and professionals come to mind

when talking about technology use within our society.

Who would you invite to the table as a technology stakeholder?

Additional Resources:

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