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You've Got Mail

Remember Frank? You know...the guy convinced that "the end of western civilization as we know it" was near. Who begged the question to Meg Ryan's Kathleen Kelly, "Name me one thing that we have gained from technology?"

You know..."that nut from the Observer...Frank something or other, the one that is so in love with his typewriter." Specially, the Olympia Report Deluxe Electric that embodies "the gentle soothing lullaby of a piece of machinery so perfect."

You remember...the guy advocating that the whole premise behind the VCR recorder is it "makes it possible for you to tape what's on television when you leave the house. Of course the whole idea behind leaving the house is so that you can miss what's on television."

(Of course now we have the DVR, YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, which all provide us the ability to watch television, videos, and movies on our mobile device with the touch of a button.)

While everyone was jumping into the world of dial-up Internet (remember the piano pang?) and the discovery of the chat room, Frank was the protagonist constantly reminding us that "you think this machine is your friend, but it's not!"

If Frank only knew how differently things would be in 2013! Poor Frank, I'm afraid you're doomed or is it us? Whichever it might be, we are still sending "cosmic questions out into the void!"

In closing, Thank Your!

- You've Got Mail

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